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New! Omega Dog OIl!


Omega Dog ® is a dog omega supplement made from pure Camelina Oil, a safe and smart Omega 3 source. Extracted from sustainable Camelina sativa plants, the oil is cold pressed to insure its beneficial nutrients are maintained. Camelina is related to flax, sharing a high Omega 3 content.

  • Earth-Based, Extra Virgin Camelina Oil;
  • Glossier Coat! Camelina Oil - Rich Source of Omega-3s - promotes a healthy coat and skin;
  • Fatty acids are vital to everyday health, strong muscles, and healthy joints;
  • Safe and Sustainable - a great alternative to salmon/fish oil
  • No mercury, PCBs, or heavy metals;
  • Fatty Acids are a great source of energy for performance or working dogs;
  • More Stable than Flax or Salmon;
  • Tastes great! No fish smell!

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