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  • K9 Puppy Gold™
    K9 Puppy Gold™

    Puppy and Mom supplement that provides key nutrients, supports muscle, joint and bone growth in an optimized formula that is easily digestible.

    Start your puppy off on the right paw. In the beginning stages of your dog’s development, proper nutrition is key to promoting good health for their entire life. The K9 Power Puppy GoldTM formula supplies your new friend with the vitamins and nutrients that help them during their critical initial growth. The areas that this formula targets are skeletal and muscular formation as well as proper organ development. Puppy Gold is a formula that helps your puppy grow properly resulting a healthier life.

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  • K9 Super Fuel™
    K9 Super Fuel™

    Designed to be the ultimate canine bodybuilder! Based on canine studies to help fuel and support solid muscle growth and performance. Did you know most human sports nutrients were first proven on dogs? It's true. Gluten Free!

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  • K9 Joint Strong™
    K9 Joint Strong™

    Supports healthy joints and flexibility while maintaining joint mobility. Perfect for older dogs. Keep your dog's joints healthy.

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  • Show Stopper™
    Show Stopper™

    Show Stopper is designed to help dogs look and feel their absolute best and includes a wide array of natural factors to supplement weak links in nutrition, leading to a glossy, healthy coat and overall good health.

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About K9 power

We believe that nutrition is the single most important factor contributing to the quality of your cherished companion’s life. At K9-Power®, we are passionate about creating nutritional supplements for dogs that will build health, happiness, mental attitude and longevity. Impeccable quality has been the hallmark of the K9-Power brand for more than two decades.


At K9-Power, we view nutrition as a serious concern, not an opportunity for quick profit. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with you in supporting the well-being of your pet. Our pet supplements are formulated according to health and wellness principles based on science and the needs of every type of canine and their stages of the life cycle.


We strive to provide your dog with the highest quality ingredients and extracts and for two decades we have earned the trust of the most discerning dog enthusiasts. We believe getting ingredients in natural ways is better for your dog’s overall health and well-being, and, because of this, you will never find flax, soy, by-products, fillers, artificial colors or artificial flavors in our pet supplements.  If it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for your pet!


K9-Power is a family-owned business, and our manufacturing facility in Benicia, California, is USDA, FDA, cGMP and Kosher certified. We are proud to use only the purest ingredients from premier human-grade suppliers that meet all GMP (good manufacturing practices). K9-Power adheres to the strict ingredient requirements of the National Animal Supplement Council and is preparing for the council's required independent audit for certification. Meeting the highest quality standards has always been, and will always remain, the hallmark of K9-Power®.LLC.